Troupe Auditions!

TROUPE AUDITIONS!! Interested in becoming a member of one of WV’s premier bellydance troupes? Bint il Nahar is holding auditions for potential new members for their new student troupe! Click here for the registration form!

As a member, you will have opportunities to: • Study and train extensively with Tiffani Ahdia, an internationally recognized instructor and choreographer • Local and regional performance opportunities (including traveling for workshops with international superstars) • Develop your technique and performance skills as a bellydancer • Work with other dancers in the area who share similar interests •Learn fun, exciting choreographies designed especially for the troupe • Receive opportunities to move up into the Professional troupe to be paid for performance gigs around the region

As a member, you are required to: • Attend weekly classes on Monday nights (Also attending Tuesday or Wednesday classes is preferred) • Attend troupe rehearsals (details to be discussed with troupe after auditions) • Purchase all necessary costuming and props

Audition Details • Register for auditions by submitting the registration form and prepaying $20 for your audition • Once your registration form is received, you will be sent a video link containing a combination for you to learn to the best of your abilities. Pay special attention to arms, timing, hip articulation, etc. •Prepare a 3 minute solo (can be a little more or less) in the style that best represents your dance abilities OR you may choose to perform a pre-choreographed routine from one of the Professional troupe members •Film yourself performing the combination and solo of your choice and send the link to Tiffani (it does not have to be professional quality as long as we can see your movements clearly)

DEADLINE to send in your registration form is Friday, February 28th. After you submit your registration form, you will have 7 days to submit your video links. If you do not feel you are ready at this time, there will be other opportunities to join. Let me know if you are interested and we will help you train to get better prepared.

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