Tips for a POWERHOUSE Shimmy


Have you ever seen a dancer who shimmied so hard that you could feel the vibrations across the room? Our bodies are capable of amazing things! Follow this quick workout to get a powerhouse shimmy in no time! Just one session of this will make a noticeable, immediate difference. Feeling brave? Film your shimmy before and after this workout. If you’re at the gym, do 15 minutes of cycling with medium resistance. It’s so easy and the results are incredible! Now here’s what to do at home:

1)      50 squats

You know what a squat is.

2)      40 oblique squeezes with leg lift

Stand straight up with hands on hips and left foot slightly off the ground with foot flexed. Squeeze oblique muscles on left side to lift that foot. It’s like doing hip lifts only you’re focusing more on the vertical motion.

3)      30 curtsy lunges

Bonus points for making these pretty! Like it says, do a curtsy only make it lower than normal and extend your back leg a little farther to the side.

4)      20 pliés with calf raises

Like in ballet warm-ups. Do a grand plié, come back up to second position, and go on pointe aka calf raise.

5)      10 plié squats with side lifts each leg

Again go to grand plié squat low and come back up to lift one leg out to the side. You can lift as high or low as you want.

6)      1 minute plié bounce/rock

This one is not meant to be pretty. Get in a low plié/squat and bounce for a solid minute or more. If that doesn’t challenge you enough, rock side to side as low as possible or mix them up and rock side to side with a bounce in between.

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