Are you looking for exciting and unique entertainment for your upcoming event? Give your guests and unforgettable experience by booking a Middle Eastern dance performance. Each performance is suitable for all ages. Guests will love the intricate costumes and beautiful  music.



Q: What should I expect from a typical performance?

Each performance is adapted to the specific needs of the host. A usual performance lasts between 10-40 minutes. The dancer may use props such a a veil or zills (finger cymbals) to keep the guests entertained.

Q: Is the show appropriate for children?

Yes! Every show is suitable for guests of all ages. Kids are sometimes encouraged to participate in dancing.

Q: What type of music is used?

Most performances use traditional Egyptian or modern Arabic pop music. However, your performance can include any type of Middle Eastern music including Turkish, Lebanese or Latin fusion.

Q: How far in advance should I request a booking?

The sooner the better! Please send a request early to make sure Tiffani is available for your event. Send her an email at

Q: What are your typical rates?

Each gig is different. However, this is what each client typically pays:

**Parties $200-$400 per 20 minute show

** $75-$350 for 1-4 10 minute shows (rates vary according to frequency and location)

**Classes typically cost $24 per 4 week session. Go to for prices. Please contact Tiffani for pricing of workshops

**Private lessons $25-$50 an hour

**Skype lessons $25 per session (discounts for booking multiple sessions at once!)

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