Bellydance Terminology (in Egyptian Arabic)

Bellydance has had a long struggle finding its legitimacy around the world as an actual art form. One of the main issues is the lack of real terminology. There are several different styles and each teacher uses their own vocabulary- making it very difficult for your skills to be applied for different teachers/locations. I have … More Bellydance Terminology (in Egyptian Arabic)

Fake Workshop Instructors on the Rise!

There are so many positive aspects of bellydance- expressing yourself, connecting with others, improving self-confidence, and staying in shape are just a few. However, there are also a few glaring negatives. One of these seems to be on the rise, especially here in the USA! I am talking about fake, uneducated instructors. I don’t mean … More Fake Workshop Instructors on the Rise!

Troupe Auditions!

TROUPE AUDITIONS!! Interested in becoming a member of one of WV’s premier bellydance troupes? Bint il Nahar is holding auditions for potential new members for their new student troupe! Click here for the registration form! As a member, you will have opportunities to: • Study and train extensively with Tiffani Ahdia, an internationally recognized instructor … More Troupe Auditions!