Cincinnati Top Bellydancer Contest


Amirah Al-ShuruqThe winner of the Cincinnati Top Bellydancer Contest is Amirah Al Shuruq!! This lovely vintage-inspired dancer wins the opportunity to perform in the 2014 Cincinnati Bellydance Convention’s Cairo dinner show along with this year’s world renowned instructors! Check out her biography and video submission below.


Amirah Al-Shuruq is a belly dancer living and working in Cincinnati, OH. She regularly performs at Sahara Hookah Lounge and Café in front of Arab audiences as well as at local belly dance haflas and charity events. She is also co-manager and dancer in Troupe Shuruq.

Over twenty years ago, Amirah started her intensive study of ballet and modern dance at the Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts and continued at University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Amirah has been learning Middle Eastern dance for the past five years and considers it the most satisfying and expressive form of dance. She enjoys taking workshops with master Egyptian instructors such as Mona Said, Eman Zaki, Tito Seif, Mohammed Shahin, Ossama Emam, Lubna Emam, Momo Kadous, Dandash, and Karim Nagi as well as Egyptian-style dancers such as Luna of Cairo, Zahra Zuhair, and Shareen El-Safy.

Golden era raqs sharqi is her passion, but Amirah has also been known to break out some shaabi and folkloric dances such as raqs assaya, iskandaria, and baladi. Amirah claims to be Nagwa Fouad’s biggest fan. She maintains the largest YouTube playlist of Nagwa Fouad with over 150 video clips at Her other favorite dancers are Samia Gamal, Naima Akef, Tahia Carioka, Naemet Mokhtar, Kitty Fotsaty, Soheir Zaki and Fifi Abdou. Her favorite musicians/singers are Om Kalthoum, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Farid Al Atrash, Abdel Halim Hafez, Sabah, Warda Al Jazairia, and Fayza Ahmad, as well as newer artists such as Nancy Ajram, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Amina, Abdel Basset Hamouda, Saad Al Soghayar, Tariq Sheikh, Ragab Al Brens, Mahmoud Al Leithy, and Hakim.

She hopes to visit Egypt soon to experience the culture, people, scenery, and of course, the pyramids! She is also looking forward to learning raqs sharqi from famous instructors while she is there and catching a few belly dance shows on the Nile.

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