Star Academy 2015

The Star Academy is a new competition designed to help up and coming dancers get noticed! This competition will have 1 Professional Competitor winner and 1 Rising Star winner. All applicants will get prizes as well! The best part about this competition is that all proceeds go to a great cause!

Why Should I Apply?

Professional Competitor- I have been to a ton of competitions all over North America and see beautiful, extremely talented dancers perform their heart out only to go home feeling defeated. The Star Academy competition is designed to give you all the tips and tricks that go into a winning competition piece without compromising your artistic vision.

Rising Star- Whether you want to wow the crowd with your first solo performance or want to compete in the Rising Star category of a competition, this option is designed to get you ready for whatever that next event may be.

Both category winners will receive:

  • critique of their performance video
  • tips and tricks for competing and/or dynamic performing
  • full choreography to any song OR help with improv and a structure to follow (5 minutes or less)
  • video of choreographed piece and biography on Tiffani’s website

All applicants will receive:

  • critique of their performance video
  • exclusive list of tips and tricks for competing/performing that can ONLY be found by applying!
  • 25% discount on any of Tiffani’s services (including critique, choreography, online classes, workshops, etc.)


All proceeds from the competition are being donated to Heather’s Heads-Up Hound fundraiser. Tiffani’s sister (Heather Peaytt) was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at only 9 years old. She has been fighting this disease for 17 years. Because of her unpredictable high and low blood sugars and the life threatening risks associated with them, Heather is in desperate need of a Heads-Up alert dog. Below is the link to the fundraising site. To apply, click the Donate Now button!

Click here to download the application!

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