Upcoming Events

Tiffani has some exciting announcements coming up! Stay tuned to learn where she’ll be teaching and performing next! For the most up-to-date event info, please check out Tiffani’s Facebook page!

  • Entertainment @ Marshall University International Festival (Huntington, WV) November 4th
  • Performer @ Marietta College International Festival          (Marietta, OH) November 3rd
  • Instructor & Performer @ Hawaii Bellydance Convention (Honolulu, HI) October 13-17th
  • Featured Entertainment @ ShockaCon (Charleston, WV) September 30th, Time TBA
  • Featured Entertainment @ Mahrajan Lebanese Festival (Wheeling, WV) August 14th from 12-6pm
  • Instructor and performer @ Gypsy Mystique (Wapakoneta, OH) August 6th
  • Featured Entertainment @ Mid-Ohio Valley MultiCultural Festival (Parkersburg, WV) June 18th at 1:30pm.
  • Instructor & Star Performer @ East Coast Classic (Hampton, VA) Jan 30th weekend. Workshops include Mahraganat Madness and Ballet For Bellydancers. Click here for more info! 
  • Instructor & Star Performer @ Evening with Ishtar & Tiffani (Charleston, WV) Nov. 14th. Workshops include Mahraganat Shaabi and Dancing with a Live Band. Click here for more info! 
  • Featured Entertainment @ ShockaCon (Charleston, WV) Sept. 19th
  • Guest Performer @ Sharifwear Hafla with Alla Kushnir (New York City, NY) October 3rd
  • Guest Performer/Warmup instructor @ Road Trip with Fahtiem (Mooresville, NC) March 21st
  • Guest Performer @ Cairo in Columbus (Columbus, OH) May 2-3rd
  • Syrian Wedding Performance (Private) May 26th
  • Guest Performer @ An Arabian Journey with Karim Nagi (Lexington, KY) June 5-7th
  • Halftime Entertainment @ Mountain East Men’s Basketball Championships (Charleston, WV) March 7th
  • Featured Guest Performer @ East Coast Classic (Williamsburg, VA) January 2015
  • Arabian Nights @ Fireside Bar & Lounge (Charleston, WV) Sept. 26th 9-11pm
  • Performer @ Eldorado’s (Columbus, OH) September 20th 7-9pm
  • Performer/Competitor @ Masriyatt Festival (Toronto, Canada) Septembter 12th
  • Instructor @ Cincinnati Bellydance Convention (Cincinnati, OH)August 15, 16, and 17th. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cincinnati-Belly-Dance-Convention/252892228115346
  • Instructor at the Maryland Bellydance Convention (Baltimore, MD)July 11-14th. http://www.mdbellydanceconvention.com/
  • Entertainer @ Mid-Ohio Valley Multicultural Festival (Parkersburg, WV) June 21st 1pm
  • Featured Performer at Raqs For Joy pilot filming for PBS & Cannes Film Festival (Cleveland, OH) Saturday, January 18th from 9pm-2am
  • Gala Performer & Participant in East Coast Classic Competition (Williamsburg, VA) January 24th & 25th
  • Bint il Nahar show @ Jug & Kilt (Huntington, WV) January 31st from 7-9pm
  • Workshops and Hafla @ Kira’s Oasis (Dayton, OH) March 8th. More details TBA
  • Fundraiser show/workshops for Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (Huntington, WV) May 24th. More details TBA!
  • Shrieking Shimmies Halloween Hafla & Costume Contest (Charleston, WV @ Little India)Friday, October 25th from 9-11pm
  • Tiffani Ahdia @ the Oasis workshops and show (Pittsburgh, PA)Saturday, October 12th
  • Private party (Huntington, WV)Saturday, June 22nd at 8:00pm
  • Journey the Silk Road Workshops & Show (Lexington, KY)Saturday, April 27th at 6pm
  • Hafla & Drum Circle (Huntington, WV)Friday, April 5th at 6pm
  • Private party (Huntington, WV)Saturday, March 23rd at 8:30pm
  • Persian New Year’s Party (Huntington, WV)Saturday, March 23rd from 7-8pm
  • Arabian Nights at Little India (Charleston, WV)Friday, April 12th from 9-11pm
  • Shaketon Fusion Workshop (Charlotte, NC)Sunday, March 3 from 12-2pmGo to http://magic-hips.com/workshops/shaketonfusion_workshop for more details.
  • Yasmine’s Hafla & Market Extravaganza (Charlotte, NC)Sunday, March 3 from 4-8pm
  • Performance/Workshop at Community Health Symposium (National Guard Armory in Point Pleasant, WV)Saturday, February 23rd from 12-4pm. FREE!
  • RaqStars Bellydance Showcase with Issam Houshan (Huntington, WV)Friday, January 25 from 7-9pm
  • Bellydance Night at The Sultan restaurant (Columbus, OH)Saturday, December 29 from 7-8pm
  • Bitter Moon Masquerade show (Charleston, WV)Friday, December 28 from 7-9pm
  • Turkish Oriental Workshop & Holiday Hafla (Columbus, OH)Friday, December 1 from 11am-10pm
  • Project Bellydance Season 2 (Airing Episodes 1 and 2 now!)Watch at http://topbellydancer.com/


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