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Want Tiffani to teach a workshop or perform at your event? She loves to travel and is always looking for new, exciting opportunities! Book her today and find out why she was called “the next one.” For more information, please send her an email at crum26@marshall.edu.

Most popular workshop topics include:

Mahraganat Shaabi: This latest dance craze is sweeping the bellydance world! Mahraganat. Shaabi (or electro-shaabi) is the newest genre to come out of Cairo’s music scene. Dancers will learn authentic choreography that will have them dancing like they grew up in Egypt! This workshop covers a background of the music and dance style, popular artists, tips for choosing music and costuming, technique and stylization, and cultural gestures seen in shaabi!

Improv Perfection: Improvisation is the heart of many styles of bellydance. Knowing what to do without pre-planned choreography is key to any great dancer. In this workshop, you will learn how to combat the anxiety that comes with performing improv, how to plan ahead for certain rhythms & styles, what to do when you feel stuck, transitions, and much more. There is a lot of material packed into this essential workshop! Handouts and notes will be provided.

Saidi Combos & Choreography: Come learn one of the most popular and fun folkloric dances of Upper Egypt with an assaya! Get ready for a workshop that is packed full of information! We will cover a brief history of Saidi, difference between Saidi and Raks Assaya, basic technique, cool tricks, sassy combinations, and we’ll put it all together in a choreography to a traditional song! Please bring your own cane! Handouts and notes will be provided.

Advanced Drum Solo: Using various Egyptian rhythm patterns and techniques, this workshop teaches carefully created combinations you can use to create an unforgettable drum solo. In addition to the combos, dancers will get a refresher course in each of the most common Middle Eastern doumbek rhythms, how to identify rhythm changes, learning to improve transitions, and using your personality to make your drum solo truly unique.

Shaketon Fusion: Reggaeton is a popular Latin music and dance style that has migrated its way into US rap and hip-hop culture. This workshop teaches popular movements and combinations to the unmistakable “dem bow”rhythm. You’ll be surprised to see how similar some of the movements and rhythms are to Bellydance! At the end, we will put it all together for a killer choreography to one of Reggaeton’s most famous artists. This workshop is guaranteed to have you shaking and shimmying in no time!

Advanced Turns & Spins: One of the most beautiful sights is to see a dancer spin across the stage effortlessly. This workshop is designed to develop your grace and balance when it comes to spinning and turn combinations. Students will learn proper technique and tips for a variety of different turns and exercises to help them further develop their skills. We will also learn new, unique turning combinations that will make your dancing stand out!

Modern Pop Choreography (Lebanese or Egyptian): This workshop will cover a full choreography of one of the Middle East’s newest, most popular songs! We will begin with a full warm-up and overview of some of the more difficult combinations, followed by a breakdown of the songs rhythms and lyrics. By the end of the class, we will perform the choreography in small groups and learn how to add your own unique touch to the movements to make it your own.

Samba/Bellydance Fusion: Brazilian Samba is a high energy, rhythmical dance that traces back to Brazil’s African heritage. This workshop introduces you to typical Samba arm, feet, and hip movements and shows you how to connect Bellydance with popular Brazilian music. Students will build stamina and coordination as well as learn new combinations and a short choreography. Get ready to sweat and have fun!

Single Veil Combinations: Do you feel like you’ve run out of tricks with your veil? This workshop will teach you the most innovative, unique combinations around! We will also cover technique, tips to making your veil work look effortless, and end with a short choreography.

Zill-ography: Zilling is a skill that every bellydancer should know. If you’re new to zills or just need help learning how to use them practically, this is the class for you! We will learn various zill rhythms and pair them with fun combinations you can use in your own performances.

Other workshop topics include:

Traditional Egyptian Combinations

Dynamic Drum Solo

Turkish Combinations & Choreography

Fan Veil Technique & Combinations

Creating the Perfect Curriculum (for dance classes or workshops)

Ballet for Bellydancers

And many more!

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